Six finalists named in Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2012


AMSTERDAM, 30 August – Six climate-change-fighting entrepreneurs will compete to win €500,000 this September in the popular Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2012.

A preliminary jury chose the finalists out of 509 entrants around the world who submitted business plans for CO2-reducing products and services. The winner will receive cash to bring his or her idea to market and strike a blow against climate change.

The finalists are:

1. Nick Gerritsen (New Zealand): CarbonScape

CarbonScape uses industrial microwave technology to transform waste biomass into high-grade alternatives to nonrenewable fossil products, reducing CO2 production.

2. Molly Morse (United States): Mango Materials

Mango Materials uses bacteria to convert methane into biodegradable plastic, which can be made into products that can ultimately undergo recycling in the same microbial process.


3. Robert Schwemmer (Austria): Naporo

Naporo turns renewable cattail plants into biodegradable building insulation that stores CO2 longterm while cutting buildings' energy use.


4. Orapin Sinamonvech (Thailand): Kokoboard

Kokoboard buys agricultural waste and processes it into low-pollution particle board, eliminating emissions from farmers' refuse-burning while increasing their income.


5. Daan Weddepohl (Netherlands): Peerby

The Peerby app and website link consumers with neighbours who can rent them goods they need, lessening the need for new products and hence cutting greenhouse gas emissions.


6. Stig Westling (United States): Skip To Renew, Inc.

Skip To Renew makes algae and plant oils into non-toxic, biodegradable industrial and mechanical lubricants that act as net sequesterers of CO2.

Award ceremony

The finalists will present their business ideas before an audience and a jury of experts on Monday 17 September at the 2012 PICNIC festival in Amsterdam. The jury will choose three people to go on to the final, which will take place in New York this year for the first time. The winner of the €500,000 prize will be announced on Sunday 23 September at a special dinner hosted by the United Postcode Lotteries in conjunction with the Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting. The two runners-up will receive €100,000 each to help make their inventions reality.


Audience prize

This year, the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge will award its first audience prize. From Thursday 30 August through Monday 17 September, members of the public can vote for their favourite finalist at Facebook. The winner will be announced on Monday 17 September at PICNIC and will win a meet-and-greet session with Cradle to Cradle author and architect William McDonough. Voters will be entered in a prize draw to win one of 25 copies of Richard Branson's book Screw Business as Usual.

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