The Westergasfabriek, once the place where gas was produced from coal for the city lighting of Amsterdam, is investing heavily in sustainable redevelopment. The organisation has been working for some time to make this transformation from 'old' to 'new' energy and to take all possible steps to make the area completely sustainable. The goal is to be fully climate neutral by 2025. The organisation challenges suppliers, partners and event organisers to follow suit. The final of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge takes place in the Gasholder for years and we are proud to host it in an ever-increasingly sustainable location.

The site and buildings of the Westergasfabriek have undergone a complete metamorphosis since the reopening in 2003. The site and historic buildings have been renovated and a beautiful park has been laid out for people to enjoy. Far beyond the border, the Westergasfabriek is seen as a reference project for sustainable redevelopment of industrial and monumental heritage.

Original character
The preservation of monuments is more complicated than new buildings because the possibilities are more limited and costly. Over the past few years, the Westergasfabriek has taken on the challenge of making the monumental buildings sustainable wherever possible, while preserving their original character. Important steps include the insulation of the buildings, installation of LED lighting in the event locations and the installation of a so-called 'waste transformer', a digester that stores food waste and other organic waste from the entrepreneurs and events on the site and turns it into energy.

CO2 reduction
The results are very promising: the switch to LED provides up to 65% less energy consumption compared to the old halogen lighting. The insulation of the buildings yields about 30% savings. And an additional advantage of the innovative digester is that by separating the organic waste and processing it on location, the energy flow and therefore the transport from the site is reduced. This saves enormously in CO2 emissions.

Solar panels
Last week a special project was inaugurated, with which the Westergasfabriek also offers nearby residents and businesses the chance to live more sustainably. It made the surface of the Gasholder available for solar panels. Solar panels are environmentally friendly, cost-effective and very durable, but not every roof is suitable for installing them. The roof of the striking round building of the silo has a diameter of almost 55 meters and it has never been used before.

Symbol of transition
Local residents and companies around Westerpark who don't have roofs suitable for solar panels themselves could participate in this project. This way, they still have access to sustainable energy. They can benefit from the generated electricity on the silo’s roof and thus reduce their electricity bill. This project is the most obvious example of the energy transition that is happening at the Westergasfabriek at the moment: from gas to sustainable energy.

06 09 2018 WGF Zonnepanelen Gashouder klein
Solar panels on the rooftop of the Gasholder

20.06.17 WGF LED Gashouder 6789
The inside of the Gasholder lit