Emil Goosen (29), one of the co-founders of AquaBattery, is one of the five finalists of Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2018. From a young age, he is extremely interested in topics on energy, sustainability and environmental sciences. Hence, it shouldn’t be surprising that he holds a master’s degree in Energy and Environmental Sciences from Groningen University.

Emil always wanted to make an impact on society and make the world truly sustainable. Early on he foresaw the intermittency challenge of renewable energy technologies such as solar PV and wind power. To foster the growth of these technologies, which in turn speed up the energy transition, we need energy storage. Preferably using a safe, affordable and sustainable battery. In 2013, Emil Goosen, Jiajun Cen, Jan Post,

David Vermaas and Jan-Willem van Egmond co-invented the idea of storing excess renewable electricity in water and table-salt. This idea is known as the Blue Battery concept, and a year later the team founded the company AquaBattery with the aim to bring this sustainable energy storage produce to the market. Since the establishment of the company, their innovation has been rewarded with several prizes and grants. This has enabled Emil to become the first full-time employee of AquaBattery with the role of Chief Operating Officer.

Together with strategic partners, among others Wetsus, TU Delft, Compass and FujiFilm, the AquaBattery team is developing three demonstration pilots.