Anne Marieke Eveleens is co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of The Great Bubble Barrier. She is one of the finalists of Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2018. Being a water sports enthusiast, Anne Marieke is confronted with the plastic debris in the water on a daily basis. 

Together with her friends Francis Zoet and Saskia Studer, she thought about a solution to stop the plastic soup. A prerequisite for a good solution to combat the plastic soup was that it should be elegant, effective and ship and fish friendly. Many ideas were considered until the group of friends came up with the idea of bubbles. They founded The Great Bubble Barrier in 2015.

Anne Marieke holds a Master’s degree in Neurobiology.

GH GreatBubblebarrier THUMB
From the left: Co-founders Anne Marieke Eveleens, Saskia Studer and Francis Zoet.