By external blogger Marty Pickett

Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI) was honored to host the recent U.S. launch of the United Lotteries '2012 Green Challenge at the Empire State Building. How appropriate that the spire of the iconic building was lit in green in honor of RMI and the evening.

RMIThe Empire State Building design is a registered trademark and is used with permission from ESBC

The Lottery's Green Challenge continues to inspire me and I look forward to learning about the entries for this year. Innovation is the hope for our future and the Green Challenge promises, once again, to premiere some interesting, out-of-the-box ideas submitted by entrants from around the world. Could we see a new way of thinking about transportation, or delivery of services, or meeting electricity needs in a way we've never thought about before? Anything seems possible when you meet these energetic and creative entrepreneurs who enter the Green Challenge with the ability to make a real difference.
In late June RMI is launching a new strategy for accelerating the transformation of the electricity system to a more efficient and renewable future. We'll be convening industry leaders for our e-Lab, a unique forum for collaborative innovation, looking at best-in-class examples from California to Denmark. There are some dynamics similar to the Green Challenge—inspiring participants to be innovative and risk-taking in order to bring about transformational change.