Igor Kluin was the first winner of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge in 2007. He invented the energy monitor and router Qbox and founded the company Qurrent. After seven successful years with Qurrent, Igor is currently busy with his next start-up adventure, Monyq, an app aiming to upturn the traditional banking world.


The last time you wrote a blog for this website, you said that you were leaving Qurrent and “going into space.” What have you been working on since then?

Since leaving Qurrent, I have started a new venture called Monyq (like Monique, the french name). Monyq is a new start-up that is a fresh and fair alternative to outdated banking. It uses simple tools and smart savings to help people manage their finances. You can see it on our website: www.monyq.com.

What successes or failures did you have on your journey?

On my current journey with Monyq, our successes so far have been that we are managing to introduce our own payment system, including a world-wide debit card, as a start-up. We consider this to be quite special and are very proud of our products.
As for failures it’s still too early to tell. Things go wrong all the time in a start-up, simply because you are walking into uncharted territory and conditions are always different than what you expected. I think start-ups are about finding the right way by also trying out the wrong ways. So far, some things have gone wrong, but I wouldn’t call those ‘failures'. At least not yet. :) 

How are you incorporating sustainability into your new challenges?

We are trying to incorporate sustainability into every aspect of the company. But I don’t know if “incorporating” is the right word - That sounds like you are building something and then after that, trying to figure out how to put the sustainability in there. That’s not how it works, I believe. When building a business, I select/design only parts and components that are sustainable. Only if no sustainable option is available do we look at other options and then evaluate if they are justifiable. The balance is between making a business work and not hurting the planet and people, even improving them. It’s possible and even easy in many choices. Occasionally are we torn about a choice we have to make, but for me, a sustainable business is now the norm and I wouldn’t even think about it any other way.


Where are you going from here?

Monyq is the next step in banking. We are building it for the European market and I would love to see our vision become reality on a large scale, and move on beyond banking.


Last year, we caught up with Igor during the Green Challenge of 2014, and asked him how he looks back on the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge: