We asked some of our previous winners Eben Bayer, Molly Morse, Scot Frank, Ginger Dosier and Nick Christy if they have any useful tips for turning a plan into reality. Here is what they said:


Ginger: Surround yourself with a team that is smarter than you are in the areas you need the most.

Nick: Answer these questions in order:

  •          Who will buy my first product and when?
  • When will I break even?
  • How much money do I need to get there?
  • What are the most likely ways in which it your plan can go wrong and how much does each problem cost to fix.

Molly: Be organized and have a clear vision!

Eben: Pivot with joy

Scot: Think, build, and act small, but always ask yourself, "what resources will I need and when to do this 1 million times in the future?"

Be diligent and organized and maintain excellent discipline and work habits. You need to be a leader to start a movement.