We try to keep up with most of our former finalists. Here, we caught up with Ginger when she stopped by our office in Amsterdam and asked how she and her company bioMASON have been since winning the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge in 2013.


How is it going with bioMASON?
Things are going quite well at bioMASON, we continue to grow and scale while solving challenges by the day. Our current focus is on our pilot production- where we are growing volumes of bricks for an order

What did you do with the prize money?
We used the funding to build a larger rockstar team, build a pilot production plant and work with waste water as an input in the brick making process

What successes did you have?
Scaling up manufacturing was our number 1 goal, as to work with consistent processes and build out our pilot plant with our potential licensees in mind. All of the many decisions we made, and continue to make- revolve around ease of use and quality control parameters. As part of a successful strategy, the supply chains and raw material handling are critical to our success- and for our manufacturing partners.

What didn't work?
There were many challenges in scaling production that came from trying to automate everything at once. We learned to simplify and make the process even more robust through shorter and smaller iterative testing.

What did you learn?
We learned to fail forward and fail fast. When working with a new material and growing process and team, how we communicate and document became our most important tools.

What are your future plans?
We have a lot of interest in this product, and a lot of support from potential manufacturers. As we have learned through building our own pilot plant and operating as a brick company- scaling the raw inputs and raw material packaging are the focus for scaling with these next partners to enable them to produce high volume product.

We also spoke to Ginger at the finale of the 2014 Green Challenge, and asked her what competing in this competition was like for her: