We asked some of our previous winners Eben Bayer, Molly Morse, Scot Frank, Ginger Dosier and Nick Christy if they have any advice for entrepreneurs wanting to enter the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. Here is what they think about elevator pitches:

Eben: It is the most essential part of your sales presentation— it not only lets you communicate to others— but gives the people you meet the ability to repeat your value proposition to others….


Molly: An elevator pitch can always be helpful, regardless of the stage of your business. It is important to be able to succinctly describe what you do to any one you meet.

Nick: If you can’t communicate what you do quickly and simply then people can’t help you easily. Additionally, if you can’t communicate your idea simply, you probably don’t understand how you are going to compete properly. It’s always useful to be able to grab people’s attention quickly.

Ginger: The elevator pitch helps you to say what is most important in a very short time. It should summarize your business idea from both the technical and execution perspectives. Make sure to stay within 60 seconds - start strong and end with captivation.

Scot: For success, every entrepreneur must clearly articulate what they do. Otherwise, no one will listen, understand, or ultimately care. I subscribe to the methodology promoted by Kevin Starr of the Mulago Foundation. His idea? You need an eight-word mission statement that follows the format, "verb, target, outcome." For One Earth Designs, this could be "Clean cooking that saves lives of Himalayan poor". Now, take this mission statement and slowly build onto it until you get a 60 second pitch you can say in your sleep and leaves people wanting to know more (and how they can support you -- include an "ask" at the end!)