Last Friday, March 7th, four former Postcode Green Challenge finalists concluded the first ever Green Challenge Deep Dive with a Demo Day. During this Demo Day, they pitched their plans once again, after having gone through an incredibly intensive 1,5 week accelerator programme at Rockstart.

It was great to meet up with former finalists and to witness how much they have grown since they were last in Amsterdam, and especially after completing the Deep Dive.

Doen Foundation funded this programme for all 2013 finalists, and also 2 of previous editions, to ensure they keep on growing and to provide them with answers to their most pressing business challenges. DOEN found the perfect partner to execute this in Rockstart who have an incredible track record in accelerating start-ups from all over the world. It was great to meet up with former finalists bioMASON, SachSiSolar, the SunSaluter and Kokoboard again, and to witness how much they have grown since they were last in Amsterdam, and especially after completing the Deep Dive. 

We can definitely say the Deep Dive was a great success, and we're hoping to be able to offer it again to the next batch of finalists.

Deep Dive Series: Deep Dive Mini Accelerator visual wrap-up

Reposted from the Rockstart website

Friday was the day. The 10-day Deep Dive program for the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge finalists came to a close with the startups presenting their solutions for a better and cleaner future at Mini Demo Day. At Amsterdam Wharf, the four teams pitched their startups in front of an audience of over 70 entrepreneurs, mentors, investors and executives.

The past 10 days have been extremely intense for the Green Challenge finalists, packed with workshops, speed meeting sessions and networking. Here’s a visual wrap-up of the mini-accelerator program Green Challenge Deep Dive.

1. The Deep Dive program started with an Anti Jet Lag kick-off event in Rockstart’s historic ballroom. Oscar, the founder of Rockstart (and PLGC preliminary jury member), welcomed the startups and talked about what Rockstart experience is all about, highlighting that the goal of those 10 days would be “to get the startups out of their comfort zone”.
Green Challenge Deep Dive1

2. The Deep Dive program combined all the best practices and methodologies gathered by Rockstart: “All learnings, all our experience is put in this very condensed and nuclear program”, notes Oscar.
Green Challenge Deep Dive2

3. After Oscar’s introduction and the greeting by Doen Foundation, the Green Challenge finalists stood up to give their first pitch, share their business ideas, future plans and expectations. Here’s bioMASON, the winner of Green Challenge 2013, while pitching:

Green Challenge Deep Dive3

4. And so the program started! Business model canvas sessions, speed meetings with Rockstart mentors, customer persona and sales strategy workshops...
Green Challenge Deep Dive4

5. development and HR, IP Europe, partner strategy, storytelling and branding workshops...

Green Challenge Deep Dive5

6. … all these steps to help the startups get into the next level…

Green Challenge Deep Dive6

7. ...and scale...

Green Challenge Deep Dive7

8. And as the four teams mention, by joining this pressure cooker program, their aim was to learn the secrets of how to build a rock-solid team and how to pave the way for getting investment and forming partnerships.

Green Challenge Deep Dive8

9. And so it went, with them getting regularly out of their comfort zone, challenging themselves for 10 straight days of little sleep and much determination to get the most out of the program…

Green Challenge Deep Dive10

10. ...and the results are great! All startups have notably improved their pitches, learned to communicate better their businesses with investors and conquered their weaknesses. And, as SachSiSolar puts it: “The program brought a lot of structure on how we think about the business side.”

Green Challenge Deep Dive11

11. And then it was time to see what the four startups have been cooking for the previous 10 days. Friday was a big day that could open the way to new partnership and investment opportunities, and successful scaling.

We're happy to report they totally rocked that stage!