Arthur Kay and his company Bio-Bean took first prize in the 2014 Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, winning €500,000 to develop their business. The London-based company collects spent coffee grounds from local businesses and uses them to manufacture biodiesel and biomass pellets.


"Business innovation sits at the heart of the transition to a regenerative circular economy and offers a considerable opportunity for budding entrepreneurs. Bio-bean is a great example of how a by-product – used coffee grounds – can be transformed into a valuable resource for energy production. This is exactly the kind of business model a circular economy needs." says Green Challenge jury member Dame Ellen MacArthur.

Since the competition finale, a display on Bio-bean can be seen at the London Science Museum, clearly explaining the process of extracting bio-fuels from waste coffee grounds.


It also shows some of Bio-Bean’s pellets, a sample of biodiesel, and some spent coffee grounds. The exhibit includes an interview with Arthur in which he talks about Bio-bean, what they do, and why he set it up. He also talks about what he plans to do with the €500,000.

So far, over 5600 people have interacted with the exhibit via the digital touchscreen. Many of the visitors also leave questions and comments, such as:

“Nice stuff guys. Hope you expand to Canada soon - we drink a lot of coffee over here.”

"I'm 7 years old, but what will happen if you melt coffee powder?"

"I love coffee, so to hear that my waste can be put to good use has really brightened my day!"

Great to see so many people are expressing an interest in Bio-bean, and hopefully will continue to do so in the months to come.

If you're interested in visiting the display, head over to the London Science Museum! You can also find all the exhibit material online.