With its innovative power-generating windows, the start-up PHYSEE from Delft won the grand prize of €500,000 in the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge in 2016. This month, these fully-operating PowerWindows will be installed for the first time in the sustainably-built office of Dutch Charity Lotteries (Postcode Loterij, VriendenLoterij, BankGiro Loterij) in Amsterdam-South. By mid-2018, there will be workstations for around 600 employees who will be able to charge their electrical devices with power generated by the PowerWindows.

Ferdinand Grapperhaus, PHYSEE's CEO: "Winning the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge has given our company a huge boost since last year. I'm really excited that the Lotteries have now dared to take the brave step of installing PowerWindows in their new, sustainable offices. This is a tremendous showcase for us, which we will use to break into Amsterdam's real estate market! We hope this will lead to a breakthrough and that plenty of other companies will follow suit."

Esther Wubben, Project Leader Renovation New Office Dutch Charity Lotteries: "In line with our mission, it’s our ambition to achieve one of the most sustainably-converted office in the Netherlands. In addition to more established sustainable applications, such as solar panels, we also wanted to give innovations like PowerWindows a role in our new building. Like ordinary windows, they’re completely transparent, so you hardly notice any difference. These PowerWindows will be installed on the south-facing wall shortly. Hopefully, we’ll also inspire other companies to make the move towards power-generating windows!"

PHYSEE is a company that emerged from research at Delft University of Technology into the fundamental properties of materials and energy. The company was founded in 2014 by Willem Kesteloo (CFO) and Ferdinand Grapperhaus (CEO), and won several prizes in its first few years, including 'Best Energy Start-up of Europe' and the 'Postcode Loterij Green Challenge 2016' with an accompanying cash prize of €500,000 to further develop the company and the technology. www.physee.eu

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