The Postcode Lottery Green Challenge looks for the best enterprising idea that will reduce CO2 emissions. There is a large group of bright entrepreneurs working hard to make the world better and greener. But what is good entrepreneurship exactly? Here are some characteristics we see in most of our applications.

Solve a problem
Most entrepreneurs challenge themselves to try something new and use their innovation to promote positive change. They have an idea that will help people do things differently, more easily, or more meaningfully. Their idea is the solution to a problem that the world has.

Don’t fear failure
An important thing to keep in mind is that successful entrepreneurs need to be able to bounce back from losses. They shouldn’t fear failure. They should learn from it and move on. It is a mindset that allows you to see opportunity everywhere and options in any given situation. Positivity enables entrepreneurs to see beyond the day-to-day challenges and roadblocks and keep moving forward.

Learn and grow
As an entrepreneur it is impossible to know everything about your business. You should humble yourself and always be willing to grow, change and learn. The most successful entrepreneurs spend time studying the successes of others they admire and learn how to apply these principles to their own business. Open up to new perspectives and reframe them in the light of your own mission.

Be passionate
Ultimately, successful entrepreneurs are passionate about the idea they have and on a mission to change the world. They show they really believe in it, in order to convince others to believe in it too.