When filling out the entry form of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge you already have to decide who from your team will represent the company in Amsterdam if you make it to the final. Here are some considerations for taking that decision.

Know the project
First of all, select someone from your team who knows the project inside and out. This person should be familiar with the history, the environment, the market, and the finances of your project and should understand what the company needs to take it to the next level.

Be presentable
Secondly, your representative should be presentable, both in appearance and in presentational and communication skills. He or she has to make a good impression and should be able to bring the message that your company has to share with the world across in the most striking and attractive way. You want the judges to love your idea and select it as a winner. Choose someone who feels comfortable presenting in English and talking to the gathered press.

Handle the pressure
Thirdly, your candidate should be capable to perform under pressure. There is a lot of excitement, close contact with the other participants in the challenge, and of course there is the tension of the presentation itself. It can be inspiring and overwhelming at the same time.

Have time
Finally, the person who will represent your company should be able to free up his or her schedule for four days leading up to the finals in Amsterdam on 14 September. The finalists will spend these days preparing with experts. There will be pitch trainings and test runs, to make sure everybody is in the best shape to impress the jury at the grand final. Your candidate should be confident and open-minded enough to welcome these suggestions for improvement.

Good luck!