Last September Willem Kesteloo won the 10th edition of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge with his start-up PHYSEE. We were wondering how he and his team are doing now the dust of winning the competition has settled and asked him three questions.


We can imagine you celebrated your win. Was it business as usual the next day?
[Willem laughs] Yes, the team and I celebrated our win on the night of the event. The day after the finale, the entire team met again at the office, although we were a little bit later than usual, considering we celebrated until the early morning. Two of our team members prepared a nice traditional Chinese hot pot for a long lunch and we relived every moment of the event with pictures and videos on the big screen.

And you met Richard Branson?
That was the cherry on top of winning the competition. We had a 30 minute meeting with him. How many entrepreneurs have had that opportunity? Not only is he a very inspirational entrepreneur, he's also a very nice person.

What has been the main takeaway for PHYSEE?
Increasingly, we are realising that in addition to the huge injection of capital from the competition, the associated exposure and network we have gained are many times more valuable. In the weeks after the finale, we received so much exposure from various national newspapers, radio stations and on television. The contributions with regard to credibility, traction, and business development have been enormous, for which we would like to take this opportunity to thank and congratulate the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge once again!


Sir Richard Branson and PHYSEE