The Climate CoLab is founded on the idea that it really can. Inspired by systems like Wikipedia and open source software, the Climate CoLab was set up in 2008 as a project of MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence. The history of the CoLab is an exploration of the potential for large numbers of people from around the world to collaborate on climate solutions by adding their ideas, editing, commenting and voting - supported by input from expert Judges, Advisors and Fellows. New features are added each year.


Anyone with fresh creative ideas to address climate change can develop them in the CoLab. Proposal authors can gain comments, expert reviews, collaborators, supporters and international attention. Activity on the site is organized through online contests on a range of topics, such as building efficiency, decarbonizing fuel supply, adaptation, and changing cultural attitudes. Contests invite people to propose actions they believe should be taken in response to climate change. The project is increasingly noticed on web-based media and social networks (including 4600 Twitter followers) resulting in 50,000 visits to the Climate CoLab website and 4600 registered members in the Climate CoLab community.

crowdfundingThe project is driven by the enthusiasm and rising activity of participants. 'I got wonderful experiences from the Climate Colab competition - seeing how the collective intelligence can better shape ideas', comments a member from India who co-authored a proposal. The deadline for entering proposals is June 15th 2013. Expert judges review proposals and choose finalists, then winners are selected by online voting by CoLab members and by judges.

Winners of the current contests will be invited to present, in person or virtually, at a conference at MIT November 6-7, co-organized by the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (CCI), MIT Energy Initiative (MITEI), MIT Sloan Sustainability and the MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change. Policy makers, business executives, investors, and NGO officials will be invited to provide feedback on how the contest winners' ideas can move toward implementation. 

All Climate CoLab contest winners will be eligible for a $10,000 Grand Prize to be awarded at the conference, and a new Referral Prize is now offered. A person who invites a friend (or friend of friend, etc.) who wins the CoLab Grand Prize will receive a share of $2000. 

We invite you to join the crowd at!