An entrepreneur's journey to success is never a simple walk along a clear-cut path - it's a ride of constant ups and downs. The entrepreneur's lifestyle is fast paced, uncertain at times, and filled with passion for innovation. Not everyone has the heart, persistence or determination to take on the obstacles faced by today’s entrepreneurs.

Understanding these challenges first hand, Adrie Reinders, Marion Freijsen and Roeland Reinders founded and launched EFactor Corp., a social networking website geared specifically toward providing support services to entrepreneurs. Since its launch in 2008, EFactor has quickly grown into the world's largest entrepreneurial network of over one million members in 222 countries across 240 industries.

EFactor is a community of entrepreneurs at various stages in their ventures with some members just starting out and others more seasoned, entrepreneurial veterans available to share ideas, experiences and strategy. EFactor's mission is to nurture an environment where entrepreneurs can collaborate with one another and share stories about how they surpassed similar obstacles other business owners may be facing.

At EFactor we are proud to support our family of entrepreneurs who are breaking ground when it comes to sustainable business ventures. The modern entrepreneur is innovative, progressive, and finds ways to streamline. As we move toward the future, we observe a movement toward conservation. Our members are making ecological efforts that include working in collaborative environments saving energy, congregating over cloud technology to cut down on waste, and consciously reusing and recycling resources. 

At EFactor we believe we are in it together and that means working as a team to find solutions and ways to conserve natural resources. When you join our network, you will find it simple to connect with the right people to build the team you need to make your sustainable new business a great success.