Only 2 weeks to go - on 1 March, Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge opens its doors for the 14th time. From this date, green start-ups from Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden can compete for the top prize of 500,000 euros by submitting their promising sustainable business plans. Please note, the entry period is shorter than ever; all entries must be submitted before 1 April. So mark your calendars and make sure you are ready to enter!

Total prize money of 1 million euros
The Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge is one of the largest competitions in the field of sustainable entrepreneurship and is organised by the Postcode Lotteries (active in Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden) as part of its mission to contribute to a greener world. The total prize money is 1 million euros: 500,000 euros for the winner, 200,000 euros for the runner-up and 100,000 euros for the three other finalists. In addition to the prize money, all finalists receive over six months of expert coaching to optimise their business opportunities.

Who can enter?
We are looking for business solutions that are:

  • contributing to a sustainable planet
  • developed enough to execute
  • realisable as a usable product or service within the next two years
  • located in one of the countries in which there is a Postcode Lottery: Germany, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Norway or Sweden

Timeline of the competition: only one month to enter stage 1
The competition will be open for applications from 1 March 2020 until 1 April 2020 12:00 CEST (noon). The preliminary juries in each of the eligible countries will then select the applications that may proceed to the next stage, at which point a fuller application form will be submitted. These start-ups will be informed mid-April and will have 2 weeks to complete the full application. The 25 nominees will be announced by the end of June. In early September, the five finalists will be announced.

On 30 September, the five finalists will pitch their businesses to the international jury and selected audience in Amsterdam.

Top prize of half a million euros for more efficient solar panels with innovative algae material
Last year, Swedish Algae Factory won the top prize of 500,000 euros. Sofie Allert is the CEO and founder of the company and grows a special type of algae on a large scale. These algae naturally absorb light efficiently and can be used to make solar panels more efficient. The material also has a moisturising and cleansing effect, so that it can be used as a natural ingredient for personal care products. For an overview of other previous winners click here.

Sofie Allert: "We are so happy and honoured to win this prize. This win helps us reach more personal care and solar clients and increase our production capacity faster. Algica reduces CO2 with 200 tons/kg per year when applied on solar panels and replaces harmful and less efficient ingredients in personal care. Algica is contributing towards a more circular and bio-based industry!"

 It proves that if people care about their own future and for that of others, solutions will come."