There is no way around them anymore: podcasts are everywhere. Even if we narrow it down to entrepreneurship-related podcasts, how do you really know what podcasts are worth your Sunday morning walks? Simply by taking a look at these podcasts for entrepreneurs.

1. Series: Startup
This is probably the purest podcast in this list. A radio maker makes a podcast mini series about his podcast business (yes, very meta). He is quite inexperienced, since he has only ever worked in paid employment. The series follow his journey through pitches to investors, negotiations with his cofounder and conversations with his wife. All these elements make his story relatable. It might be nice to know that his business was just sold to Spotify for 250 million dollars. How inspiring?

2. Series: The Pitch
This is the podcast version of Dragons Den. Several real entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to real investors, with real money involved. Every episode shows (a) different entrepreneur(s) giving it all. The series teaches you a great deal about what works in pitches and what not. For example: don’t throw random numbers at the audience. This only confuses them. Instead, talk to people in your discipline. What are their experiences and obstacles? These often tell more about your business than big number

This series was named ‘the best business podcast on startup life’ by Fortune, an American business life magazine.

3. Series: Young African Entrepreneur
YAE is a weekly podcast from creator and host Victoria Crandall. In these episodes Victoria talks with successful and inspiring entrepreneurs in Sub-Saharan Africa. For example Greg who helps Ghanaians, Zambians and Nigerians save up 40% on drug costs with his company mPharma, or Mira who is building Nigeria’s first commercially viable tomato paste factory. The episodes contain strong interviews with valuable lessons for every entrepreneur to know.

4. Episode: Yous & Yay & Duncan (#9)
Youssef and Pepijn, probably the most laidback hosts of podcast history together with Duncan Stutterheim, founder of ID&T (the biggest dance-events organisation, record label and media company of the Netherlands) and judge of the Green Challenge: this is the perfect recipe for a feel good-podcast. Duncan tells about his way of operating and how he used to party big time but now keeps a safe distance. Definitely a must-listen!

Note: this podcast is in Dutch.

5. Series: How I Built This
In this podcast, host Raz interviews innovators and entrepreneurs from some of the most well known companies. They might not be famous themselves, the effects of their businesses definitely are. Let's take Whitney Wolfe’s story as an example: she helped launch Tinder, but quit after a few years later and accused the company of sexual harassment. All the media attention and cyberbullying that followed, caused her to create Bumble, a dating app that lets women make the first move. Right now, Bumble has been downloaded for almost 30 millions times.

How I Built This dives into stories of entrepreneurs that felt an urge for change.