Looking back on the competition, the winner of the 2013 Green Challenge Ginger Dosier points out that it is not competitive at all. "On the contrary: the feeling of belonging to this wonderful family was and is the most fun thing about it!"

“The whole experience was surreal and everything went seamless. I went home a different person than I came, in a good way. More shaped. And everything was so well organised, there were no problems, everything was thoughtful.”

There is a lot at stake: 500,000 euros for the winner and 200,000 for the runner-up, prize money that will allow them to kick-start their businesses. For the past days the finalists have been trained by Rockstart, have had pointers from Green Challenge Winners Eben Bayer, Scot Frank and Ginger Dosier and have lifted their presentations to impressive heights. They are ready and so is the audience.

Arthur Kay, the 23-years old British founder of green start-up Bio-bean has won the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2014. The jury, chaired by Ellen MacArthur, awarded the start-up €500,000 today at the final in Amsterdam to realize his green business plan.

Arthur's company uses a patented process to upcycle waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuel products, namely biodiesel and biomass pellets, used for powering buildings and transport systems.


What has been happening this week in Amsterdam? The finalists Pierre-Yves Cousteau, Diego Acevedo, Arthur Kay, Devin Malone and Trang Tran arrived last Monday, and have had a busy schedule since...Pitch training, presentation skills were addresses, tips & tricks of the trades and more. Have a look!

Blogpost by Daan Weddepohl, founder of Peerby and Green Challenge runner-up in 2012

Once upon a time, two years ago…
September 2012, four nervous nicely dressed Dutchies are waiting for the subway in New York. The subway will bring them to the Rockefeller Center where the finale of the 2012 Postcode Lottery Green Challenge will take place. When the second prize is announced, the four start to celebrate. Their start-up won the $125,000 prize to further develop their sharing platform Peerby; a website and app that allows people to borrow the things they need from people nearby.

Blogpost by Ginger Dosier, winner of the 2013 Postcode Lottery Green Challenge

It is hard to believe that one year ago, we were writing our pitches, scheduling film shoots for our video and eagerly awaiting a response from the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge. Since winning the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge, every week for us is a new challenge and new growth for bioMASON. One key word that has come up every day this past year would have to be: momentum.

(Preliminary jury member Oscar Kneppers on being a humble part of The Posse on a Mission to Celebrate Ideas and Empower People to be their Best to Change the World - the preliminary jury of the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge)

Diego Acevedo of Bluerise and Devin Malone of One Nights Tent in The Netherlands, Pierre-Yves Cousteau of Turbosail from France, Trang Tran and her company Fargreen from Vietnam and Arthur Kay of Bio-bean from the UK!

Congratulations, you made it to the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge 2014 finale! We are looking forward to meet you in person and to see your business pitches during the Deciding Round on September 11th.

Planet earth has roughly 6 billion “usable” hectares to offer, soil where plants and trees can grow in order to provide food and shelter for our ecosystem. Two billion of those hectares have been seriously degraded to accommodate our less than desirable lifestyle (think: deforestation, urbanization and the effects of climate change). Wetlands account for half of those degraded hectares; the remaining one billion hectares are the playground for Jurriaan Ruys’s Land Life Company.