Sofie Allert (Sweden)

Swedish Algae Factory is the only company in the world that cultivates the microalgae group diatoms and sells their high-tech silica shells. These shells have unique light manipulating properties unmatched by synthetic materials that can be utilized to enhance the efficiency of solar panels with at least 4%. The material can also be utilized as a sustainable personal care ingredient. In the production process of the material carbon dioxide is absorbed instead of released. Customers that purchase this material will also contribute to reducing eutrophication and a healthier food supply chain by recycling of the life-sustaining nutrients nitrogen and phosphorous.

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Sofie Allert


Winner 2019





Swedish Algae Factory - Sofie Allert (Sweden)

Company Swedish Algae Factory
Country Sweden
Co-founder & CEO Sofie Allert
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee