Eden Full (CAN)

Worldwide, 1.5 billion people lack access to electricity, and 750 million have no clean water. These groups often overlap. The SunSaluter is a low-cost rotating tracker that increases solar panels' energy output by up to 30 per cent and produces four litres of clean drinking water at the same time. A simple mechanism of easily available materials tilts the panels towards the sun and optimizes the energy collection. Using only the power of gravity and water, the SunSaluter enables a solar panel to follow the sun throughout the day.

SunSaluter provides a solution to the costliness of high-output solar systems and is easier to use and greener than motorized rotators. Suited to small-scale use, it can encourage clean energy consumption in the developing world and improve its availability in established markets. Eden believes that disruptive technologies are solutions that can be deployed in both emerging and developing economies.

The company performed pilot projects in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda, and sold units in Malawi, India, Indonesia, Canada, United States, and Mexico.