Robert Matthams (UK)

Shiply matches people needing to move goods with transport companies going there anyway. Over 25 per cent of lorries run completely empty of cargo and over 50 per cent run only part full. By enabling consumers and businesses to make use of this spare capacity, Shiply dramatically cuts down on CO2 emissions, increases the profitability of transport companies and saves the consumer up to 75 per cent.

People list goods and items they want to ship on the online transport marketplace, and receive free quotes from haulers with extra space on planned lorry trips. Consumers save money; trucks stay full, reducing congestion; and haulers see increased efficiency and profits.

Operating in the UK since 2008, the company has since set up networks for other parts of Europe and developed a 'business toolkit' haulers can use to book in all their work, track vehicles and deliver signed shipments.

Shiply saves millions and millions of unnecessary truck miles, which equates to a huge reduction in CO2 emissions. Every 20 seconds a new request for a delivery quote is placed on the website.