Ann Runnel (Estland/Bangladesh)

The volumes of wasted resources from garment production are systematically underestimated by retailers - on average 25% of material gets discarded from factories. Taking the first step to start measuring and planning the integration of these resources back into the supply chain would give an opportunity for a major growth within the textile industry while helping to reduce the use of virgin fibres.

Reverse Resources believes that virtual traceability of resources is the ultimate key to unlock the extensive business opportunity of circular economy in the textile industry. The company provides a software solution for cooperation on closing the loop for wasted fabrics and fibres from garment production.

The Software as a Service (SaaS) platform provides virtual support for both the factories and the buyers to make a mutual agreement on how to close the loop together and hold on to that agreement transparently, leading to long-term gains for all stakeholders.


Reverse Resources - Ann Runnel (Estland/Bangladesh)


green man

Ann Runnel


Runner-up 2018


Design/Cradle to cradle


Company Reverse Resources
Country Estland/Bangladesh
CEO Ann Runnel
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Finalist