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Around 3000 years ago in the Amazon, farmers would bury charcoal in the ground to boost the otherwise relatively infertile soil. This “terra preta” or “black soil” is very fertile, dark and manmade. The charcoal allows the soil to capture and retain nutrients better, leading to higher crop yields.

Inspired by this ancient technique Jason Aramburu founded Re:char. Re:char sells kilns to African farmers that allow them to create “biochar” from their agricultural waste. Biochar is a charcoal that can be used both for cooking and as a soil amendment that helps farmers to grow more food.

Re:char is currently focusing on small scale sugar cane and maize farmers in Kenya. It takes the farmers on average just 6 months to reap the benefits of using biochar, which is a lot quicker than other sustainable energy sources.

The Climate Kiln Mini is a small-scale, 5-gallon capacity, biochar kiln, that lets farmers produce their own biochar. An adjustable primary air intake controls burn time and quality. Biochar can be produced from wood chips, agricultural waste or leaves.


Re:char - Jason Aramburu (USA)

Company Re:char
Country USA
Founder & CEO Jason Aramburu
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Runner-up 2010
What Re:char uses technology to help farmers grow more food.
How A small-scale kiln allows farmers to create biochar from their agricultural waste and use it both for cooking and as a soil amendment
Founded in  2009
Website www.re-char.com                    

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Jason Aramburu


Runner-up 2010


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