Thomas Pedersen (Denmark)

"Pond was founded by Thomas Pedersen and Martin Jensen with a clear vision of revolutionising the plastic industry. The problem of today is that we for decades have made composites by extracting crude oil from nature to produce resins such as epoxy and polyester and reinforced it with energy intensive fibres for composite materials. We bond together strong fibers and strong glue, making it nearly impossible to recycle products. Products end their life circle by being incinerated and release CO2 to the atmosphere or are left for future generations on landfills.

In EU alone 400,000 ton composites are landfilled annually. The industry is mentally and technically ready to produce sustainable composites, except for the missing piece of the puzzle: the bioresin. Therefore, we developed the Pond bioresin system. Our invention gives the opportunity to help passing on a biodiverse, healthy planet without having to compromise performance nor cost. Instead of crude oil, our resin is biobased, with starch as our main rawsource.

With pond bioresin, you can create high performance composites using natural fibres such as flax, jute, hemp or waste fibres from production and after use, the product can be composted and provide nourishment for new plants to grow and absorb CO2. Pond bioresin is a versatile product as its applicability extends to spray for woodchip adhesive in particleboards, in a fibrous form for eg. diapers, and fibre reinforced granulate for injection moulding. Existing composite processing can be applied which allows painless substitution of conventional resins."