Daan Weddepohl (NL)

Peerby is an Amsterdam-based local borrowing platform that started out in 2012. Founder Daan Weddepohl was inspired to connect people, make a real contribution and increase efficiency. Why buy something when you can borrow it? A website and app enable people to borrow the things they need from people nearby. Members and transactions are growing exponentially since its launch.

The platform is convenient: about 80% of the things we own are used no more than once a month. It saves money: why buy something if you can borrow it for free? It connects people: connected neighbourhoods are happy neighbourhoods. And it encourages people to live green: sharing helps us make better use of resources.

Peerby has the ambition to develop itself into the leading global platform for local stuff sharing. The platform has mature communities in The Netherlands and Belgium, London, Berlin, and is currently emerging in several US pilot cities. The service currently matches a request with a neighbour's product within 30 minutes on average. The company aims to bring neighbours together and focus on people rather than goods.