Patrick Heuts (NL)

Inspired by dolphins, O-foil replaced the screw propeller of a ship with a highly efficient oscillating foil (Flipper). This patented innovation demonstrates simplicity of design reflecting robustness. The sustainable O-foil technology saves up to 50% fuel and thus reduces the carbon emission by 50 per cent as well.

The first barge with O-foil propulsion sailed successfully. This revolutionary break through is the starting point to create a transition. O-foil can modernize the inland-navigation fleet. The silent propulsion improves comfort on board and has a less disturbing effect on water life. O-foil replicates natural motion for the blue road.

O-foil - Patrick Heuts (NL)

Company O-foil
Country The Netherlands
Founder & CEO Patrick Heuts
Postcode Lottery Green Challenge Runner-up 2013
What Saving fuel and reducing carbon emissions
How By replacing the screw propeller with oscillating foil

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Patrick Heuts


Runner-up 2013




The Netherlands