Wolbert Allaart (NL)

Wind turbines are a wonderful invention, producing clean energy from an abundant natural resource: the wind. A steady flow of wind makes the turbine most efficient. And the higher in the sky, the stronger and more constant the wind is. Ampyx Power has developing an Airborne Wind Energy system with a PowerPlane, a tethered aircraft that converts wind into electricity.

This ground breaking novel wind energy technology allows sustainable production of power at significantly lower costs than fossil-fuelled alternatives. This technology has the potential to trigger a paradigm shift in the electricity sector and will significantly accelerate the transition to a renewable energy supply. Due to its low costs, both economic and sustainability drivers will point towards investments in building power production capacity based on this technology.

Costs are sufficiently low to combine this technology with storage options and/or other renewable energy technologies. This brings a 100% green energy supply for the planet within reach.