Ginger Dosier (US)

The founding of bioMASON followed Ginger Krieg Dosier’s winning the international design award Next Generation “The Big Fix” by Metropolis magazine. Her proposal was a brick that was “grown” in contrast to being “fired”. The idea to grow bricks emerged from a study of coral structure: a very hard cementitious material created by nature in ambient sea temperatures with low energy and material inputs. The process has since been refined and continually optimized for increased performance and reduced production costs.

An estimated 1.23 trillion bricks are manufactured every year, resulting in approximately 800 million tons of carbon emissions, due to the fossil fuels required in the firing process. bioMASON believes there is a better solution for reducing CO2 emissions generated by global masonry manufacturing. The company employs bacteria to “grow” durable cement in ambient temperatures between loose grains of aggregate; producing building materials without emitting greenhouse gases, and without the depletion of non-renewable resources