Alex Greenhalgh (Great Britain)

"Spintex takes inspiration from the World’s greatest textiles master, the spider, to provide a unique, low-energy route to fibre production for the sustainable fashion markets. Our process, produces fibres from a liquid feedstock, at room temperature, just by pulling the fibres to self-assemble, saving over 1000x the energy in comparison to plastic fibres. Compared to traditional silk, the 2nd most environmentally impactful material currently used in fashion, we can reduce energy usage and CO2 outputs by at least 50%, without compromising on quality and look and feel. These high-performance materials will also have applications in other textiles markets, including technical and medical textiles."

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Alex Greenhalgh


Nominee 2020




Great Britain

Spintex Engineering - Alex Greenhalgh (Great Britain)

Company Spintex Engineering
Country Great Britain
Co-Founder Alex Greenhalgh
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee