Ayca Dundar (Great Britain)

"SoluBlue has developed a sustainable alternative to plastic and bioplastic food packaging which extends shelf-life and reduces food waste. SoluBlue packaging looks and feels like plastic, but is breathable and hydrophilic, absorbing excess moisture from food and preventing mould growth. Not only does our packaging extend shelf life – in SoluBlue packaging, food gradually dries over months, providing a second life for fresh food in cooking, or as animal feed. Being made from seaweed, our material is biodigestible, making it safe for marine life. Our packaging is also home compostable, biodegrading as quickly as the food it contains."

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Ayca Dundar


Finalist 2020


Food (waste) - packaging


Great Britain

SoluBlue - Ayca Dundar (Great Britain)

Company SoluBlue
Country Great Britain
CEO & Co-Founder Ayca Dundar
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Finalist
Website solublue.com