Giovanna Laudisio (Great Britain)

"Naturbeads is scaling up a manufacturing process for the continuous production of cellulose microbeads. Naturbeads cellulose beads are being tested in cosmetic and personal care products, paints and coating, adhesive, packaging and many other applications to replace polluting, fossil-fuel based plastic microbeads.  Cellulose is a natural, abundant and renewable materials, sourced from sustainable forestry, pulp production side streams or agriwaste.  Naturbeads cellulose microbeads are 100% biodegradable."

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Giovanna Laudisio


Nominee 2020


Plastic alternative


Great Britain

Naturbeads- Giovanna Laudisio (Great Britain)

Company Naturbeads
Country Great Britain
CEO & CO-Founder Giovanna Laudisio
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee