Ebba Fröling (Sweden)

"Mycorena’s vision is to use the power of industrial biotechnology and fungi fermentation to transform the global food system and the protein landscape. Mycorena has developed Promyc, a next-generation protein ingredient that enables food producers to make entirely new vegan products with outstanding nutritional and culinary quality. In their process, they also have developed a technology to upcycle food producers’ side streams into a value-added ingredient for direct use in their own production. Production can be implemented anywhere in the world and scaled quickly according to changes in demand."

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Ebba Fröling


Nominee 2020


Food (waste)



Mycorena - Ebba Fröling (Sweden)

Company Mycorena
Country Sweden
Business Operations Manager Ebba Fröling
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee
Website mycorena.com/