Jack Herring (Great Britain)

"Jiva is a UK-based start-up that has developed a patented, competitively priced and fully recyclable Printed Circuit Board substrate called Soluboard®. 18 billion square metres of PCBs are manufactured every year and the rising value of precious metals means that efficient recycling of PCBs is a necessity. The organic structure of Soluboard® means the natural fibres can be separated in hot water. This allows the electronic components to be removed efficiently for recycling. Founded in September 2017, Jiva has now raised over €1.1 million in funding and they are operating as a team of four from their headquarters in London."

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Jack Herring


Finalist 2020


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Great Britain

Jiva Materials - Jack Herring (Great Britain)

Company Jiva Materials
Country Great Britain
Director Jack Herring
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Finalist
Website www.jivamaterials.com