Hans Marki (Norway)

"In 2050, the world needs to produce food for 10 billion people. This food needs to be healthy and sustainable. Greentech Innovators and its daughter-company AlgaePro was established in 2018 with the goal of producing sustainable food based on circular bioeconomy. Through circular economy GTI and AP can produce valuable products with a unique sustainability profile. With a diverse team Greentech Innovators has begun the work on turning food waste into a resource together with BIR (One of Norway’s largest waste-management companies). The next steps for GTI and AP is to demonstrate and optimize their processes and technologies in Norway before taking on Europe and the World."

Greentech Innovators - Hans Marki (Norway)


green man

Hans Marki


Nominee 2020


Circular Economy


Company Greentech Innovators
Country Norway
Partner & Advisor Biology and Innovation Hans Marki
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee
Website www.greentechinnovators.no