Orr Yarkoni (Great Britain)

"Colorifix uses synthetic biology to create, deposit and fix biomolecules on surfaces. Currently, Colorifix applies their technology in the textile industry with a new dyeing technique. Colorifix technology revolutionises the textile industry as it eliminates the hazardous practices of the textile dyeing process. Colorifix finds colours that are produced in nature. By writing DNA, they encode the instructions to make a pigment and translate that message into engineered microorganisms, which are used to transfer the colour. As a result, Colorifix’ innovative technology uses no petrochemical dyes, uses significantly less water and energy and generates no toxic waste."

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Orr Yarkoni


Nominee 2020




Great Britain

Colorifix - Orr Yarkoni (Great Britain)

Company Colorifix
Country Great Britain
CEO Orr Yarkoni
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee
Website colorifix.com