Anton Paardekooper (the Netherlands)

"BBBLS designs and builds climate neutral greenhouses by using smart soap bubble insulation in a double roof construction. BBBLS greenhouses are so efficient that 4.5% of Dutch climate targets in 2030 will be achieved if all Dutch greenhouses are replaced. With a BBBLS greenhouse, growers can produce crops without emissions and with unprecedented efficiency. Growers can save 80% on their energy bills and 20% on their costs. The next generation BBBLS greenhouse has been realised in close co-operation with growers and scientists at lab scale and with a large 1.500 m2 pilot. The company is ready to scale-up to projects of 1 hectare and up."

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Anton Paardekooper


Nominee 2020




the Netherlands
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BBBLS - Anton Paardekooper (NL)

Company BBBLS
Country the Netherlands
Managing director, founder Anton Paardekooper
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee 2020