Agnes Czako (Great Britain)

"Cold, draughty, poorly insulated homes contribute to 36% of the EU’s total greenhouse gas emissions and recent research demonstrated that up to 15% of this energy waste can be caused by continuously open air-bricks. In the same time, if residents block these air vents permanently, it can cause damp and condensation, with associated health risks. To address this challenge, we developed AirEx, an IoT enabled smart ventilation control to reduce fabric heat loss whilst also managing indoor air quality in homes. The system has in-built sensors to monitor and analyse environmental conditions while its smart algorithms to responsively regulate the airflow."

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Agnes Czako


Nominee 2020

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Great Britain

AirEx- Agnes Czako (Great Britain)

Company AirEx
Country Great Britain
Co-Founder Agnes Czako
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee