Rowan Minkley (UK )

Plastic pollution has hit a catastrophic high, with only a staggeringly 15% making it to recycling facilities. From buttons to bookcases, spectacles to school chairs and car doors to countertops, there’s a huge range of durable items that need to be brought into a circular economy through the use of sustainable alternatives to petroleum plastics, offering multiple end of life scenarios.

The vision of Chip[s]board is to create a true circular economy bioplastic, using waste as a feed source. They have developed a process to transform abundant food waste into Parblex™ bioplastics and Chip[s] Board® composites.


Chip[s]board - Rowan Minkley (UK)


green man

Rowan Minkley


Nominee 2019


Circular Economy


Company Chip[s]board
Country UK
Co-founder & CEO Rowan Minkley
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee