David Kat (Denmark)

Wasteless is Food Retail’s turn-key food waste reduction solution, that is proving to sell food (that would otherwise be sent to landfill), by optimizing markdowns based on expiry dates.

With Wasteless, supermarkets sell better, waste less and consumers get to choose how much they want to pay for a product based on expiration dates. In addition to benefiting food retailers and consumers, Wasteless repairs the food system through efficient supply chain management. Food waste reduction is considered the third most impactful measure to reverse climate change (Drawdown.org). Forty percent of food produced ends up in landfills, making it the single largest CO2 emitter.

The Unicef-Wasteless co-operation creates actionable awareness on food waste in retail, as the machine-learning technology is on track to save the 400MT of emissions food waste causes in retail.

Wasteless - David Kat (Israel)


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David Kat


Nominee 2019


Food & Beverages


Company Wasteless
Country Israel
VP Global Business Development David Kat
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee
Website www.wasteless.co