Lars Jacobsson (Sweden)

TEXEL has developed, in co-operation with US Department of Energy (DOE), a new thermochemical battery, or energy storage solution, cost competitive, head to head, in combination with renewable energy like wind and solar, to traditional energy sources like oil, coal & gas. In a new independent report, produced by DOE, the TEXEL battery is defined, not only as the most cost-effective battery in the world, at 1.98 cent / kWh or up to 90% cheaper than Lithium-Ion, but as well a battery technology that does not include any rare-earth materials. The battery is 100% recyclable, with the capability to decentralize and secure grid baseload energy distribution to turn future electricity production away from CO2 emissions.

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Lars Jacobsson


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Texel Energy storage - Lars Jacobsson (Sweden)

Company Texel Energy storage
Country Sweden
Founder & CEO Lars Jacobsson
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee