Lourens Boot (The Netherlands)

By looking at plants and animals in dry coastal areas, Sponsh developed a temperature-sensitive smart textile that collects water from a massive, untapped reservoir: the air around us. Fully off-grid, without adding energy and affordable.

During night, when it is cold, the textile absorbs water molecules from air and the fibres swell up. As temperatures rise during the day, the fibres autonomously contract and expel the water. Producing water with the natural cycles of day and night.

The potential applications are massive. The textile can irrigate crops, turn deserts into fertile land, make drinking water or reduce humidity levels in greenhouses.

Sponsh - Lourens Boot (The Netherlands)

Company Sponsh
Country The Netherlands
CEO Lourens Boot
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee
Website www.sponsh.co 

green man

Lourens Boot

green runner up

Nominee 2019




The Netherlands