PETR BÁČA (Czech Republic )

At MIWA we have designed innovative technological solution that enables distribution and sale of products of daily use (such as pasta, cereals, pet food or cleaning products) while significantly minimizing packaging waste. The solution is built around standardized, sealable and reusable B2B packaging with enhanced data and information features enabled by RFID/NFC tag.

The packaging is provided as a service to producer. It works in tandem with smart modular shelf supplied by MIWA as a service to retailers. Unlike the classic bulk dispensers, MIWA in-store equipment is designed to dispense the product in the comfortable and hygienic way, while through system delivers the information about goods. MIWA thanks to information system keeps control above all packaging and materials circulating in the system.

MIWA - PETR BÁČA (Czech Republic )


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Czech Republic
Company MIWA
Country Czech Republic
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