Cansu Cirak (The Netherlands)

Green-Basilisk enables autonomous self-healing technology for concrete structures. When cracks appear in concrete - which they always do - a durability issue is introduced especially in presence of water, resulting in high maintenance and a shortened life span of the structure. The Basilisk technology deals with this problem by enabling a self-healing mechanism based on (harmless) micro-organisms. When subjected to water the cracks will be sealed with calcium limestone as a result of bacteria activity without additional human intervention. This limits the durability issue and overall results in a lower CO2-footprint during the structure’s (extended) lifespan. In future the technology may even be used as a shrinkage management tool and will enable reduction of steel rebar, contributing to an even more sustainable concrete structure.

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Green Basilisk

Green Basilisk - Cansu Cirak (The Netherlands)


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Cansu Cirak






The Netherlands
Company Green Basilisk
Country The Netherlands
Project Engineer Cansu Cirak
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee