Isaac Nichelson (USA)

Circular Systems is a Social Purpose Company, focused on innovative materials solutions from proprietary circular and regenerative technologies. With their waste-to-fiber platforms; Agraloop and Texloop, combined with Orbital Yarn Technology, they offer break-through solutions for the most efficient management of textile and agricultural waste streams.

The Circular Systems, “Lightest Touch™” philosophy, defines their mission to retain the maximum amount of embedded energy in waste inputs— to create the highest-value outputs. Circular Systems strives to achieve beyond zero-waste in order to achieve regenerative impacts for the benefit of nature, society, and economics. This is achieved through the most elegantly simple and efficient approaches to deconstruction, coupled with the most advanced new-materials strategies.

The Agraloop biorefinery alleviates current health and climate liability generated by poor management of food-crop residues (Carbon Dioxide & Methane) through product valorization into fiber/yarn/textiles and numerous other applications.


Circular Systems

Circular Systems - Isaac Nichelson (USA)


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Isaac Nichelson


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Company Circular Systems
Country USA
CEO/Co-Founder Isaac Nichelson
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee