Björn Lagerman (Sweden)

Bees are absolutely vital to life on land as we know it. Horrific 15 - 40% dies each year, due to parasites and environmental stress. With BeeScanning app, beekeepers detects parasite varroa in time and monitors bees health with the camera and AI in their phone. Saving millions of honey bee colonies. Project is building worlds largest image database of bees on the comb analysing and collecting metadata to find strains to breed healthy bees. Beescanning is emerging into a world leading knowledge center ”The Swarm” with in-house research and development facilities on bee and pollination issues based on proprietary Artificial Intelligence Neural Networks, AINN, technology.

BeeScanning - Björn Lagerman (Sweden)

Company BeeScanning
Country Sweden
Founder Björn Lagerman
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee

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Björn Lagerman




Artificial Intelligence