Allison Dring (Germany)

"Made of Air is a carbon-negative, climate-positive materials company. Their mission is to transform waste biomass into high-value, carbon negative, thermoplastic materials for industrial use. Made of Air’s carbon negative thermoplastic materials replace fossil plastics in manufactured products. Composed of carbon sequestered from the atmosphere, the materials permanently store 2.5T of CO2 per ton, and are thermoformed by standard industrial processes to meet millions of building and consumer product applications. Storing carbon in products enables manufactured goods to become an engineered carbon sink. Made of Air is an award winning start up that pushes the boundaries of materials and production, helping to build economies that actively reverse climate change."

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Allison Dring


Finalist 2020





Made of Air - Allison Dring (Germany)

Company Made of Air
Country Germany
CEO Allison Dring
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Finalist