Karina Peña (The Netherlands)

Field Factors is an innovative start-up disrupting the way we deal with our valuable water in the city. The Bluebloqs system is a green and compact solution for rainwater treatment, storage and reuse making water visible to inhabitants.

By using rainwater to create a new local source of clean freshwater, they solve both the effects of pluvial flooding due to intense rainfall, as well as water shortage, heat stress, and declining groundwater tables during long periods of drought.

Bluebloqs is storing fresh water and make it available for our future generation. All through a modular system, inspired by nature.

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Karina Peña


finalist 2019




The Netherlands

Company Field Factors
Country The Netherlands


Karina Peña
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee
Website www.fieldfactors.com 
Product photo Bluebloqs by Field FactorsSpokes person Bluebloqs by Field Factors

Field Factors - Karina Peña (The Netherlands)