Louise Bleach (UK)

Desolenator’s patented water solution uses 100% solar energy to purify even the most complicated of water types (sea-water, heavy-metal contamination etc) into clean drinking water. They use no filters, no membranes and no pre-treatment chemicals. 6 years of R&D has brought them to the competitive and accessible price of 1$/1000L with units ranging from 10,000L/day to upwards to 250,000l/day.

Desolenator makes innovative, sustainable and economic solutions that work in toughest of environments where other technologies fail. They are working to design a positive future by laying the basic foundations for life to thrive, safeguarding both people and planet.

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Louise Bleach


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Desolenator - Louise Bleach (UK)

Company Desolenator
Country UK
Business Development Manager Louise Bleach
Postcode Lotteries Green Challenge Nominee
Website www.desolenator.com